Studio for sculptural work, furniture and interior design. The studio originated in Prague in 1986 and in 1992 it relocated to Hůrky by Nová Bystřice in southern Bohemia. In old neoclassical house, from whose attic can be seen the whole Třeboň and Budějovice region and even the peaks of Šumava, are created works more and more influenced by these surroundings. Deep woods, sparkling surfaces of the lakes, stony fields and meadows, long winters, fragrant summers and never-ending wind. This is the recurrent theme in everything that is created in our workshop. Mechanical sculptures and pictures, individual pieces of furniture and furniture sets can depict trees, little church or grazing cows… Technology is very simple and is based on procedures of traditional woodcarving, carpenter and cabinetmaking crafts. However, our work is not imitation of the past, all works bear the mark of creation in 20th and 21st century. The old craft and skills are remembered only in details, joints, detailed engraving or polychromed elements. Lime and spruce wood, joints from oak or maple wood, oil paint and beeswax are the most frequently used materials, sometimes complemented by glass or metals.
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