Rooms for Children

This category of interior design was some time ago separated from other designs, since it is becoming an important part of activities of our studio. Without a doubt, room for a child is theme deserving special attention. Again, all works are originals, specifically designed for each space. I can truly be free and use all my imagination here.

I have to express my sincere thanks to all customers, who invest into these projects, and allow for their creation…

  • Room for Four Boys

    Room with unusual shape, trapezoid with two round walls.
    Special placement of beds created sleeping space, many drawers and shelves as well as lots of workspace.
    Unusual space is well utilized with furniture that fits down to each detail.

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  • Room for Children in City Apartment

    Commission request was as follows:
    Room for three boys 25 square meters in size. Beds, desks, wardrobes, bookcase, and enough space for comfortable movement.

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  • Attic room

    Attic room, 3 x 6m, for two girls and one boy. There was no need for solutions connected with school attendance, but there were significant age differences between the children (14/6/1..!).

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  • Bathroom for Children

    Non-traditional solution for very small and diverse space. Cupboards are hanged on the ceiling, the floor is therefore free.

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  • Two rooms in one house

    There were no limitations as to space, therefore creator’s imagination could soar.

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