Wooden Dolls

Wooden dolls are the only commercial theme, which the author is working on continuously for many years, with short or longer breaks. Throughout the years, no doll is the same; each one of them is a true original. The first doll was created in spring 1992 and was exhibited as a small statuette in the newly opened gallery ‘Le Patio’ of Marie Borenstein in Liliová Street. It was sold there; unfortunately her current whereabouts are unknown. In the archive of the author there are no photos of this doll, only a design on a stained piece of old paper.
It quickly became apparent that sale of such dolls could fund other less commercial works by the artist. The workshop was dependent on the manufacture of these small dolls until 1999, when they were slowly replaced first by design and creation of designer furniture and later whole interiors. This work and especially its development was in one way or other supported by manufacture and sale of dolls. Over 200 dolls have been created to date. The artist signs each one of them, and since 1997 a certificate accompanies them. They found their homes all around the world, with the most being in the Czech Republic.
(Only Czech captions)