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Sculpture and woodcarving workshop.Studio for sculpture,
furniture and interior design. Original interiors workshop.



Wooden Dolls

Renewed manufacture of wooden dolls


Malovana skrin
Creative furniture
Original interior's
Malovana skrin
Malovana skrin
Malovana skrin
Kytice Gallery
Photo Gallery
Free form sculptures
Malovana skrin
Malovana skrin
Wooden dolls
Children room's



Design and construction of interiors, designer furniture, original children’s rooms,
wooden dolls, theater set designs, marionettes.

Lifestyle independent of current fashion trends.


Don’t be afraid of colors or highly decorative details, which contrast with
and complement concrete and steel. Enjoy the beauty of simple themes,
which you might have forgotten, and place them alongside the virtual reality surrounding us.
Decorated wardrobes, commodes, tables and chairs, furniture as individual
frames or statues, room for a child as an original theater set, created for only one occasion,
unique interior reflecting the style of the author, artistic and craft details specific
for the workshop of the author.
Many years of experience with sculpture, painting, wood carving,
theater set design and arrangements allow for creation of many diverse
and never before created projects.
Enter the world of scent of wood and colors; surround yourself with things
that transform traditional themes and old techniques into the world of 21st century.




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