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Sculpture and woodcarving workshop.Studio for sculpture,
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Original Interiors

...connect all areas of author’s creative activities. You will discover elements in this work of sculptor, wood carver, painter and theater set designer. Every commission is unique and designed into unique environment. Creativity of the artist is supported by highly skilled craftsmanship in the Hůrky workshops.

Gallery of original interiors

Gallery of Rooms for Children



Rooms for Children

Direct access to new category of interior commissions, which includes new ideas of new works of the studio and focuses exclusively on work for children….







Workroom is closely connected to living room. Reliefs on the doors are elaborated according to the works of Old Masters. On thee walls are depicted the symbols of ‘Youth’, ‘Adulthood’ and ‘Old Age”…



Bathroom for Children

Very small and uniquely divided room.
Furniture cannot be placed on the floor, thus it is hung from the ceiling.



















The equipment of the room is constructed from various small elements placed on brass bars from the floor to the ceiling. The furniture does not have full walls, and individual parts create the impression of hanging in the space and creating spatial compositions. Oak wood, glass and brass create the archaic atmosphere and are in contrast with modern composition of the whole.




Main Room in Recreational Cottage

Ever changing light coming from three sides allows the colors and shapes to create unique atmosphere of a mountain cottage.




Sednice a kuchine

Main Room with Kitchen and Stove

as one artistic object. Wood is complimented by colorful details. Modern interior with traditional themes.



Room for Children

The task was to place three beds, wardrobe and other pieces of furniture in very small area. This construction covers mere 2 x 2 meters. Bright pure colors are breaking the ‘wood-only’ atmosphere of the small room. This child-oriented solution was perfect for this room…





Dining Room

Dining room is a part of larger space, which is formed by hall and dining room, divided by corridor from the foyer to the kitchen and further to other levels of the house. The area of the dining room is determined by large counter, which is connected to the ceiling by steel windows filled with engraved glass. The pattern on the glass is formed by gentle curtain from leaves and birds in the crown of the tree. Large, almost strict space filled with light thus adopted highly decorative elements of the furniture as a new element, which is recurring theme of the studio. Used materials: lime wood, steel and glass.


Velky pokoj

Large Room for Children

The main motif of this room is a tree. Its trunk serves as an axis for turning table independently by 360 degrees. The crown is formed by four arms attached to the ceiling, which carry lights, turning starry sky and various moving or stationary details.




Small Room for Children

Motif of the tree is repeated here, the trunk is the axis for turning play table and also carries bed and desk. All elements are joined into one whole.




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